Best Podcast Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Podcast Apps for Android and iPhone

In the recent years, podcasting has become one of the fastest growing mediumn for content consumption. And it has a lot of room to grow. To cater to the growing demand, several podcast player apps have been developed on different platforms. If you are an avid podcast listener like I am, chances are you are looking for the best podcast app too. To help you out, I’ve categorized the best podcast apps for android, iPhone, Windows or any of your other favorite platforms out there.

Podcast Apps for Android & iPhone

  1. Pocket Casts - The Best
  2. Tagged as The Best podcast app for Android by Android Central.
    • Powerful
    • Pocket Casts certainly is a powerful podcast platform which provides curated podcast recommendations for quick discovery. You can enjoy your favorite podcast episodes without having to search and subscribe or follow. It really couldn't have been easier to consume some of the best audio content.
    • Great In-App Experience
    • Pocket Casts is cool. Colors change to complement podcast artwork. Add that your preferred dark theme, and the app provides a whole new level of user experience. You can also listen to podcasts everywhere - be it on Android Auto, Android Wear, Chromecast, Alexa or Sonos.
    • Amazing Listening Experience
    • Apart from trimming silence and increasing playback speed, Volume boost is a unique feature offered by Pocket Casts which amplify the listening experience by decreasing background noise and increasingthe volume of voices.
  3. Spotify - Music & Podcasts in One
  4. Spotify has been placing big bets on podcasts in the last few years. We already know how good their music experience is, and we can count on it being no less for podcasts.
    • Convenience
    • Not everyone needs a dedicated podcast app. If you're already using Spotify for your music needs, listening to podcasts on the same app can be very convenient.
    • Ease of Access
    • Spotify allows you to browse podcasts by categories and even has few podcasts that are exclusive to the platform.
  5. Google Podcasts - All in One
  6. Primary benefits offered by google podcasts app are:
    • Discovery & Recommendations
    • Easily browse through popular and trending podcasts across different categories such as business, technology, education, society & culture, new, sports and so on. Once you subscribe to shows that pique your interest, google podcasts recommends episodes that you might like.
    • Customized Experience
    • You can consume more episodes faster by incresing faster playback speed and trimming silences within podcast episodes. Gogle podcasts allows you to queue up episodes as well as download them for offline use, so that you can continue the joy ride.
    • Cross-device Compatibility
    • A great advantage of google podcasts is the ability to not only listen but also broadcast across multiple devices - phone, laptop, google home speaker, without having to restart or find where you had paused the episode.
  7. Castbox FM - Hidden Gem
  8. Castbox has hidden gems that are completely unique as compared to any of the other podcast apps.
    • Community based Discovery
    • Castbox has an active community of users who post comments on the podcast episodes. This helps new users get an idea of whether the episode would be of their interest. You can also search based on hashtags or topics within the community.
    • Listening Stats
    • Displays the number of minutes you have spent on podcasts overall, with a breakup of the number of minutes spent on each podcast.
    • Zen mode & Sleep Timer
    • Zen mode helps you calm your senses by playing some earthy tones while you meditate or relax. Whereas, Sleep timer helps pause the podcast you were listening to before your bed time.
  9. Stitcher for Podcasts - Exclusive Content
  10. Stitcher podcast player is home to all your favorite podcasts.
    • Exclusive Catalog
    • Stitcher original shows hosts some of the most exclusive content across some of the best podcast categories such as true crime, comedy, sports etc.
    • Smart Speaker Integration
    • Stitcher features on Alexa and Sonos speaker systems to play podcasts easily in your home or office.
    • Podcasts App with Carplay
    • Supports Android Auto and integrations with over 50 cards models including Ford, GM, Mazda and many more.

Best Podcast Apps Android

  1. Podcast Addict - Powerful
  2. Perfect app to manage not only Podcasts, but also Audiobooks, YouTube, Soundcloud channels, Radio and RSS News Feed from a single app.
    • Largest podcast library
    • With 2M+ podcast and 50M+ episodes, podcast addict can be sure to help you find categories of your interest. And that's where the next benefit comes in handy.
    • Search & Discovery
    • Podcast Addict is brilliant for search. Not only does it allow you to browse through top categories or podcast networks but also helps you search based on keywords. Additionally, you can select the search engine of your choice to get best results.
    • Ease of Use
    • It's got great features such as customizable playlists that can be organized using custom filters. Bookmarks and notes allow you to have an immersive learning experience, and you can even reorder your podcast subscriptions by simple drag and drop.
  3. Antenna Pod - Built by Podcast Enthusiasts
  4. A podcast manager and player that gives instant access to millions of free and paid podcasts.
    • Open Source
    • Built by podcast enthusiasts themselves, Antenna Pod is free in all senses. No costs, No Ads. You can't ask for a better experience for you.
    • Optimized Storage
    • You can manage storage through smart deletion option or by setting the number of cached episodes.
    • Active Forum
    • Antenna Pod is under development by active volunteers. You can use the friendly forum to discuss features you'd like, or just podcasting in general.
  5. Podcast Republic
  6. Trusted app for over 10 years by several podcast lovers
    • Privacy & Backup
    • Podcast Republic focuses of privacy, and gives users the ability to sync subscriptions and playback progress to the cloud in real-time. It also allows users to save downloaded data onto an SD card.
    • Helpful Support
    • Tech support is quick to respond and thoughtful in guidance. Errors are often resolved quickly or fixed within one app version update.
    • Comprehensive
    • You can get the most out of it if you take the time to investigate it. The app allows importing of audio books that you can listen to as well.

Best Video Podcast Apps for Android

  1. Doggcatcher
  2. Integrated video and audio podcast player, rated as the editor's choice.
    • Battery optimization
    • You can customize your battery usage to get best results, or set up some automation for better battery management.
    • Search
    • Finding podcasts is a breeze as there are different ways to browse for something new, such as, top 100 podcasts, personalized recommendations, searching podcast and news directories etc.
    • User interface
    • Clean and basic UI to navigate through your subscription list.
  3. BeyondPod
  4. Thousands of audio and video podcasts from around the world!
    • Focus
    • Configurable skip and replay buttons let to focus on the important elements of the podcast and skip over parts you're not interested in.
    • Access
    • Resizeable widgets allow quick access to start your favorite Smart Playlists directly from the home screen.
    • Smart playlists
    • Build playlists for your daily commute based on your listening preferences.

Best Indian Podcast Apps for Android

  1. Headfone - Social Audio Platform
  2. Not just a podcast player, but a social audio platform trust by 1.2L Indians.
    • Indian Stories
    • Host of many popular romantic hindi stories, horror stories and stories for kids makes it an amazing hindi podcast app.
    • Created for Creators
    • You can easily participate as a creator, and share your stories, poetry or jokes, along with really cool background music to suit the mood of your content.
    • Offline Support
    • Take your favourite podcasts or stories offline and listen to it on the go without any hassle.
  3. IVM Podcasts - Premiere platform
  4. India's premiere podcast network is one stop source for all local homegrown Indian podcasts.
    • Ease of Access
    • Discover latest episodes from trending Indian podcasts all in one place.
    • Language Support
    • Stream or download podcasts in your desired language.
    • Clean user-interface
    • Easy to navigate podcast app with a neat layout.
  5. Aawaz - Regional Prince
  6. Specializes in regional content supporting Hindi, Marathi and Urdu currently.
    • Unlimited Free Content
    • With over 1000 hours of audio content and 12000 original text articles, aawaz has something to offer for everyone.
    • Unique Categories
    • Aawaz supports unique content such as ghazals, shayari, mythological and devotional categories.
    • Language support
    • Hosts entertaining and fantastically rated content in Urdu, Hindi and Marathi languages.
  7. Hubhopper - Top Quality
  8. Hubhopper has been the first platform to host some of the best audio shows in India.
    • Regional languages
    • Publishes content in English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu.
    • Podcaster Feedback
    • You can show love and support, or provide feedback by leaving comments for the creators.
    • Customization
    • You can create playlists, set themes based on your mood, speed up and podcast, and much more.

Podcast Apps for iPhone

  1. Overcast
  2. A major podcast app written by a single person. No big company. No VC Funding. Key features include:
    • Smart Speed
    • Saves time without distoring the audio quality.
    • Voice Boose
    • Makes podcast sound quality optimal, and removed background noise.
    • Apply Watch & Carplay Support
    • To help you enjoy podcasts on the go no matter where you paused.
  3. RadioPublic
  4. Free, easy to use podcast player for iOS that makes listening to podcasts simple and fun.
    • Human Touch
    • Top podcast shows are hand picked by podcast librarians right from top charts to small indie podcasts.
    • Bookmark Podcast Moments
    • Add a HearMark to any podcast episode and bookmark key moments you would like to return to for reference.
    • Continuous Playlist
    • Keep adding episodes to your queue.
  5. ProCast Podcast App
  6. Made by keeping a podcast novice in mind while offering compelling features for the seasoned listener.
    • Cuts - Save the best insights
    • Easily cut out any part of the podcast to create snippets and store on your phone or share with your friends.
    • Smart Player
    • Changes players automatically. Uses "Sleep Tight" player when it's night time, "High mobility" player with large buttons when you're out driving, cycling or for a run.
    • Swipe like Tinder
    • Swipe new episodes like Tinder to quickly decide what you like or don't like.
  7. Breaker
  8. One of the most innovative podcast apps.
    • Social Community
    • Social functionality on Breaker is really useful. You can follow friends, see what they're listening to, and comment on shows you listen to. This adds a whole new flavor to discovering podcasts.
    • Neat design
    • Lovely layout design with a reimagined touch of what a podcast app should look and feel like.
    • Great for podcasters
    • Breakers supports the ability for podcast hosts to generate revenue from within the app.
  9. Apple Podcasts
  10. Lacks some advanced functionality that other apps offer, but holds its own. if you want the default Apple experience.
    • Stations
    • Group podcasts together that you can trigger via Siri. Listen to a few morning shows? Group them under "Morning News" Station.
    • Cross-Platform Syncing
    • New episodes sync well across iPhone, Apple TV, Mac and Apple Watch.
    • Most popular
    • Usage-wise, Apple Podcasts is the most dominant and best podcast app for iPhone.

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