How to Use Alitu | Beginners' Guide

How to Use Alitu |  Beginners' Guide

Beginner’s guide to podcast creation using Alitu - The Podcast Maker App:

What is Alitu

Alitu is an app that takes care of all the technical aspects involved in making a podcast. It is a podcast maker that provides tools to make podcast creation and publishing really easy for you.

In February’21, Alitu crossed 2000 paying users as their brand continues to grow in the podcasting community.

what is alitu

Why is Alitu Good for Beginner Podcasters

On interacting with many podcasters, I've found that the process on content creation for podcasting itself can be fairly daunting and time-consuming. Majority of podcasters mentioned that editing and publishing added more complexity to their podcast creation process. And some of them didn't enjoy doing it at all.

Most beginner podcasters felt most productive while creating valuable content rather than spending time learning complex editing and publishing processes. This left them with 2 options. They could either:

  1. Hire an intern/freelancer for editing episodes, or
  2. Use a podcast maker app that provides useful, easy-to-use features

I did some research and came across Alitu - The Podcast Maker App. Although a small player compared to its bigger competitors such as Anchor, I feel Alitu does a great job in simplifying the technical complexities that might overburden a podcasting beginner. As podcasters themselves, Alitu founders understand the needs of podcasters and are building easy-to-use drag & drop features on an intuitive user interface.

alitu podcast app

So, I'm here to give you a complete guide you on Where to get and How to Use Alitu. Let's take a look!

Where to get Alitu

Alitu - The Podcast Maker App - offers all its features for a monthly subscription plan of $28/month, as well as an annual plan of $280/year.

In addition to the app, you get $540 worth of educational courses, from their own Podcast Host Academy, that are very helpful for a first-time podcaster.

How to setup Alitu

In order to access Alitu, I suggest that you sign up for a 7-day free trial first, and when convinced about the value it offers, extend it to the paid subscription. Keep in mind that your card details will be needed while signing up for the free trial itself. You can Sign up here,

How to Use Alitu

Let’s take a look at the steps you need to take as a podcast creator, and how Alitu can help in each of step of your creation process.

Step 1: Record your Content

You can record solo as well as invite a guest for a remote call recording right inside the Alitu app. It is the newest feature launched for creators. You get an option to send a call recording link to your partner or guest, so that your recording is directly saved into the library for further use. Here’s what you need to do in order to record an episode:

  • Record a Call
  • Share the invite link with your partner/guest
  • At the scheduled time, drop in and record
  • When done, end call and let Alitu get to work

invite a guest on your podcast

In case you don’t want to record within Alitu, you have an alternative options to simply upload an episode.

Step 2: Initiate Episode Creation

Once you have your episode content ready, go to 'Episodes', and click on 'Add an Episode' to fill in the episode details. Episode details primarily capture ID3 tags data.

alitu episode details

What is ID3 tag?

ID3 tag is a type of metadata container that is used to store information onto a media file.

Make sure you fill up your episode's metadata information correctly, as it is carried over to your podcast hosting platform and allows players to use the ID3 data ahead of streaming time without downloading the full podcast file.

Upon saving episode details, you have 3 options:

  1. Upload a pre-recorded file from your computer
  2. If you've already recorded your podcast using a different app, you can upload the file to access it in Alitu's library upload episode

  3. Upload your clip from Alitu library
  4. Click on Add Recording, and select the library option to select your clip from the Alitu library upload from alitu library

  5. Record your clip in Alitu
  6. After clicking on Add Recording, you also have the option to record directly inside the Alitu app record in alitu

Merging clips - Alitu's greatest benefit

As long as clips are in sync by time and of the same length, Alitu can clean it up and merge them together for you. It really is that simple. To merge the clips you have uploaded, just click on the link icon highlighted below.

merge files alitu

Step 3: Add finishing touches to your Episode

Your episode seems incomplete without intro/outro clips, theme music and advert segments (if you have sponsored episodes). Therefore, adding finishing touches is crucial before publishing your episode. To add the best finishing touch, Alitu has a royalty-free music library that gives creators an opportunity to be creative by adding voiceovers, transition clips etc.

Alitu's episode builder provides flexibility to add theme music and a fade from music to voice. You can edit the music length, fade length, as well as rearrange your clips. Here's how it's done.

episode builder

Step 4: Edit your Episode

You can easily click play on the clips to find sections that need to be edited out. Zoom in and cut out silences at the start and end of each clip, as well as any big mistakes or noises within a recording etc.

edit alitu clip

To finish up, click ‘Save all Edits' and head back to the episode builder.

Step 5: Publish your Episode

Alitu has made podcast publishing super simple. Here’s what you must do.

  1. Set up Podcast Hosting
  2. When it's your first time on Alitu, I suggest that you link your hosting service to streamline your publishing process in the future.

    Alitu has the following podcast hosting platforms that you can easily integrate with:

    • Captivate
    • Buzzsprout
    • Libsyn
    • Podbean
    • Spreaker
    • Transistor
    • Castos
    setup hosting platforms alitu

  3. Preview & Publish
  4. Now that you're integrated with your hosting platform, find your fully processed episode on your home screen. Select 'Preview & Publish' to review your finished episode and publish to make it live for your audience.

    preview and publish

    Alitu also provides a option to publish a video version of the episode using 'Create Video' button. It even adds a background image and title to help you publish a visual version on YouTube or other video platforms.

    download video

Summary: How to use Alitu for podcast creation

Alitu really makes podcast creation and publishing a breeze for podcasting beginners. By offering such ease-of-use, it has helped creators post content in a matter of a few minutes.

Want to check out a section in detail, again? Below are the navigation links for your ease:

How to Use Alitu

If you're a podcasting beginner, I suggest you should certainly consider Alitu. It alleviates a lot of the headaches that you'd want to avoid when you are just starting out.

Sign up here to for your free trial!

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