Podcasting with Soundcloud

Podcasting with Soundcloud

The world of audio has been a growing trend in the digital content space. Being a more passive medium than video and written text, it can be consumed while doing other activities such as cooking, workout etc. Music has always played this role, however, with a shift in consumer interests towards knowledge and self-growth, podcasts and audiobooks have taken off.

For music all these years, Soundcloud has served as a superb audio distribution platform. Its global presence, potential and ease of use had made it a go-to distribution platform for music artists. With the growth of audio content in the recent years, podcasting with soundcloud has become the next big opportunity to reach a global listener base. Before diving into soundcloud for podcasts, it’s important to consider a few things.

Is soundcloud good for podcasts?

The honest answer is that it depends. Podcasting with soundcloud is a good option if you are:

  • A podcasting beginner
  • A hustler with a new podcasting side-gig
  • A hobbyist podcaster

If you are an advance podcaster, or you podcast for business growth, there might be better options for you. However, rather than ignoring it altogether, I suggest you consider soundcloud as an additional medium of distribution because it offers good reach to a loyal audience.

Soundcloud Podcast Hosting Reviews

In my experience, the best way to determine usefulness of a product is by thoroughly researching user reviews. In this section, I have consolidated my findings from soundcloud podcast hosting reviews research, so that you too can make an informed decision.

Benefits of Soundcloud Podcasts

It's Free: This works out perfectly for beginners, who need to learn how to upload and publish new podcast episodes. It also allows more seasoned podcasters to experiment with an additional distribution channel.

Ease of Podcast Discovery: People primarily listen to podcasts using streaming services or dedicated podcast apps, and Soundcloud provides both these options. Soundcloud mobile app has simplified podcast discovery and interaction to a large extent. This can help in getting more listeners for your episodes.

Instant listener feedback: The biggest advantage of podcasting with soundcloud is its social network features. Soundcloud users have the ability to like, comment and share the podcasts they listen to. This in turn provides instant feedback to podcast creators on what their audience likes or dislikes. Additionally,

Access to Global Audience: Soundcloud has an active listener base of 175 mn users who tune in monthly from across the globe. Appropriate targeting can help find the right audience for your podcast easily. Soundcloud has a feature to promote your content to targeted users. It provides simple and advanced targeting options. I recommend testing out different targeting strategies to get best results. </li>

Challenges with Soundcloud Podcasts

Built for musicians: Podcasts make up a small percentage of overall audio content on Soundcloud. Even though they have monetization models on their platform, Soundcloud is not heavily investing in podcasting yet and is still primarily a streaming platform rather than a podcast hosting or distribution platform.

No metadata: For podcasts to show up for relevant search queries in Apple podcasts or Stitcher etc. metadata plays a key role. Metadata includes your episode title, description, podcast name, podcaster details and so on. These aspects are used by potential listeners who browse different podcast shows.

Can't update episodes: In case you missed out something during editing, or you want to tweak your episodes, it is not possible with Soundcloud. You can only add new episodes.

Is podcasting with soundcloud right for you?

Despite the challenges, podcasting with soundcloud is definitely a thing to consider whether you're a beginner or an advance podcaster. It need not be your main hosting or distribution platform, but it must definitely be another tool to grow your podcast and get more listeners from across the globe.

Hot Tip: A good percentage of audience search queries come from within Soundcloud platform. You can grow your audience by ranking well in the Souncloud podcast directory

How to add podcast to soundcloud?

Now that you know the potential benefits of podcasting with soundcloud, it's time to learn how to use or how to add podcast to soundcloud and get your podcast up and running.

Start your Podcast for Free
On a free Soundcloud account, you can upload upto 3 hours of content per month. First, you need to sign up for a SoundCloud account and set up your profile. Here's how you can do it:
  1. Create a SoundCloud Account: Go to Soundcloud and create an account using your active email address. Fill in your podcast name and a profile display name, and activate your account by confirming the link on your email. A key point to remember is to activate the RSS Feed.
  2. Set up an Effective Profile: To be discovered by your potential listeners, optimizing your profile information goes a long way. To do this, go to your profile, click the edit option and follow this:
    • URL Selection: While setting up your Soundcloud URL you must remember that it represents your identity. Hence, your URL must be reflect your creative name or the name you go by on your social handles. It should be unique, short and clean, since it will improve the chance of google search engine finding you, and will also be used by other creators to tag or follow you within Soundcloud.
    • Image Selection: Even though you are focussing on audio content, images are one of the most important elements in establishing your brand.
      • Profile image: It represents you everywhere on Soundcloud. It should include a sharp podcast logo that can potentially attract listeners.
      • Header image: The header image is specific to the profile, and must be used to share upcoming episodes, events, product release dates and so on. It provides a highly visual way to promoting your product when people visit your profile.
    • Writing your Bio: Soundcloud bio can be a narrative about you as a podcast creator. Potential followers are often interested in knowing your story/interests, and seeing how relatable you are. It must also include your podcast description as it will be used as your RSS feed's description. Don't forget to add your coordinates such as email/social-media handles. Your Bio is the place where you can tell your followers how to find you and connect with you.
    • Links: Within Soundcloud you can add links to your website, for buying merch, or to check your social profiles. From a single source, you can build your audience on and off the soundcloud platform.
  3. Adjust Content Settings: Click on content tab under Settings:
    • Choose podcast category and language
    • Select "Include in RSS feed" option under Upload Defaults, as you intend to upload podcasts
  4. You can copy your Soundcloud RSS feed URL from the Content tab and submit it on other platforms such as iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn to submit your podcast feed to other distribution platforms.

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