So You Want to Start a Podcast

So You Want to Start a Podcast

You’ve thought about a podcast idea and have a plan in place to get started? If so, you’re in the right place.

Side note: In case you haven’t, not to worry. You can go through my previous post on How to Make a Podcast by clicking here to come up with the right plan.

Ok! Now that your initial plan is carved out, it’s GO TIME!

Below are the steps you need to do next and I will be sharing the best way to approach each one.

How to Record your Podcast Episode?

What matters most while recording your first episode is - IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT!

Try not to stress out over the quality of the episode. Your only goal while recording your first ever episode is to get something out. To achieve this, you need to only 2 things:

  1. Plan a good intro
  2. Keep a basic flow in mind with brief idea about the topics you wish to cover in the episode to avoid rambling

All you need to do next is pick a quiet and echo free room and get started.

I recommended using the following recording softwares:

Garage Band - Free app available on macOS and iOS and is perfect for novice podcasters Audacity - Free software available on Windows, Linux and macOS, that is suitable for slightly more seasoned podcasters

Make your podcast cover art

Why is it important to create a good podcast cover art? Remember, you get one chance to grab your potential listener’s attention, and a professional cover art can get the job done.

There are many ways in which you can create great looking podcast cover arts. Below are some you can consider:

Do it yourself

If you are strapped for cash, or are just not ready to invest yet, the best way to get going is by creating the podcast cover yourself. While designing your podcast cover art, keep these points in mind:

  1. Visually communicate the niche you operate in
  2. Doing so will help capture the attention of people searching for good podcasts in your niche, and the odds of them subscribing to your podcast can increase substantially.
  3. Select an attractive background image
  4. Learn about good contrast options by checking out some common color palettes, and mimic the same.
  5. Use the recommended podcast cover art size
  6. Remember, each platform - Apple, Spotify, Google etc. can have their own specifications for podcast cover images. Don't forget to refer the relevant ones before you start creating.

The most recommended tool for DIY podcast covers is Canva. (I use it to create my blog post banners too). Check it out!

Get professional help

In case you don’t have much time or you can afford to hire some skilled professional, you must check out Fiverr where you can find designers specializing in podcast cover art design.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget about Podcast Episode Artwork.

Podcast cover is a requirement for all submissions, but episode artwork is optional and this is where you can gain some advantage to get more subscribers. Do consider creating unique art that highlight key moments from the episode.

Write the perfect podcast description

Podcast description is a great opportunity for you - The Podcast Owner - to achieve 2 key things:

  1. Rank for relevant keywords in your niche to attract targeted potential listeners

  2. Generate sufficient interest so that potential listeners convert into subscribers.

Remember, podcast description is a great way increase your listenership rates. Do focus on leveraging this as much as possible.

Examples of good podcast descriptions

  • Brief of what your show is about on the whole
  • Mention who your podcast is for, what to expect and why they should listen
  • Use questions and keywords
  • Focus on the tonality of your summary

Publish your episode

To publish your first episode, you will need a hosting service to help store and distribute the podcast audio files across all platforms - Apple, Spotify and Google. Free hosting services are a good place to start, but it makes to upgrade once your audience grows.

Best Free Podcast Hosting Services

  • Buzzsprout
  • Anchor
  • PodBean

Promote your podcast

Many of you may think your first episode isn’t good enough to promote yet. However, you could not be more wrong. Promotion from the beginning is key. You would be surprised at knowing how many people will be willing to be part of your journey of improvement and growth. Also, promotion amongst your known circle can help you gain useful feedback for the next iteration. So never hesitate in promoting your very first episode, and asking your near and dear ones to send it to their respective circles too.

Word of mouth promotion is proven to be a great way to gain early adopters!

I hope you have been able to follow the steps mentioned. Feel free to leave your comments and share some feedback!

Wish you the best on your podcasting journey! I’m sure you’ll ace it!

Ashwin R
Ashwin R Learner and sharer. Likes to experiment and talk about growth strategies across different mediums/platforms.
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