Best Stock Market Podcasts

Best Stock Market Podcasts

As a beginner investor you may have a ton of questions about the stock market including how stock market works, when stock markets open, why stock market is failing and so on. Getting answers from the right sources is critical to help you move in the right direction. Although there are several resources out there, they can sometimes be overwhelming and finding one that is easy to understand can be tricky. Believe me, I've been there!

The great thing about podcasts is the range of topics. You could be listening to a podcast about dragons one day and one about stock market the next!

Stock Market Podcasts for Beginners

Over the last few months of trying to learn about stock marketing investing as a beginner, I’ve found some really helpful material from podcasts. I figured listing them down could help many of you who are starting out as well.

1. Girls That Invest

stock market podcasts for women

Named the #1 Investing Podcast for Women with 79k followers on Instagram. Girls That Invest podcast will teach you the basics, right from explaining what's the stock market to guiding on how to invest in stocks as a first-gen investor. It is run by two millenial investors, Sim and Sonya, who are extremely passionate about the history of stock market, and teaching millenials and Gen Z how to invest.

2. Pennies: Going in Raw

stock market fo dummies podcast

A fun yet informative way to dive into the world of stock markets. This podcast has played a huge part in introduction to trading for a number of beginner investors.

Rated the #1 Stock Market Podcast with 39.4k followers on Twitter

3. The Lizard Market Podcast

podcasts on stock market

Learn about the latest not only in Stock Market, but also in the trendiest space of Crypto and NFTs, along with updates on Tech News.

4. Industry Focus - The Motley Fool's Podcast

stock market podcasts

A podcast that focuses on different sectors of the stock market across different days. The schedule and sectors covered by Industry Focus stock market podcast are as follows:

  • Monday - Company Financials
  • Tuesday - Consumer Goods
  • Wednesday - Healthcare
  • Thursday - Energy
  • Friday - Technology

Follow to learn how Motley Fool Analysts breakdown a specific industry and the stocks making headlines.

5. Money for the Rest of Us

best stock market podcasts

Are you a DIY investor? If so, this is the perfect podcast to help you with personal finance. The podcasts host J David Stein, a former chief investment strategist, shares tips on how to invest and handle your finances in ways that are simple to undersand.

6. Millenial Investing

best stock market podcasts

Relates perfectly to millenial investors, covering not only investing basics, but also business topics such as entrepreneurship, side hustles, personal development and more. It's an amazing way to educate and inspire the new-age investors.

Best Indian Stock Market Podcast for Beginners

1. Paisa Vaisa with Anupam Gupta

best stock market podcasts in india

India's leading personal finance podcast covering diverse topics such as investments, housing, loans, education, crypto and more.

2. Zerodha Educate

best stock market podcasts in india

India's leading personal finance podcast covering diverse topics such as investments, housing, loans, education, crypto and more.

3. Millenial Paisa

best stock market podcasts in india

It's the new age podcast helping young Indians figure out the complex world of personal finance and investing. The show has easy answers to questions about equities, debt, mutual funds, credit cards, online shopping etc.

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