6 Ways to Find Your Purpose

6 Ways to Find Your Purpose

In this podcast summary, Jay Shetty lays down concrete steps to help you find your passion and purpose. He states that the Pursuit of Passion is the single most meaningful way to achieve utmost fulfillment. The other that we consider important, such as success or money, get covered in this pursuit and can help you live a happy life.

Before diving in to the details, you need to do this.

Take a deep breath and repeat 'I am exactly where I'm meant to be'. Say it with all the conviction and drive in life. Believe and Feel it!

How to Find Your Purpose?

Finding your passion and purpose might seem daunting to some of you, and it can be a tough exercise. It requires some structured thinking because your life’s purpose is long term. The following steps discussed by Jay Shetty on his ‘On Purpose’ podcast should help you streamline your thoughts to find your purpose.

Step 1: Believe, Recognize and Know your Potential

Two common lies most of us have heard are either:

  1. We amount to nothing, or
  2. We can achieve anything
These 2 extremes prevent us from doing SOMETHING. What we need to realize is that doing something can be very meaningful. Doing something has POTENTIAL to add value. In order to start doing something, you need to believe in yourself.

How to Believe in Yourself?

Ever had an idea, a spark or brilliance, a hidden talent that you know you have but have lacked the confidence to share? It's probably because you're surrounded by people who don't believe in you.

So, how can you believe in yourself despite your environment? The key lies in Gratitude.

Be grateful for turning up. Be grateful for the pain or pressure that you went through in order to reach where you are today. Core of your true hidden potential lies in that pain.

Exercise: List 5 things that you’re grateful for right now.

How to Realize your True Potential?

It's important to recognize every bit of progress you've made each day and say out loud that you're proud of yourself. Chances are, saying so makes you feel uncomfortable. And that's what we need to fix. Why should anyone be embarassed about feeling proud of themselves? So here's what you should do.

Every week, list down 3 things that you're proud of doing. It doesn't have to be about awards or quantifiable achievements. It's about the small wins that helps push you forward.

Remember, when you realize your potential, you feel like there's something worth investing in.

Step 2: Find Your Passion

Answer some of these questions:

  • What do you love spending time on?
  • What are you interested in?
  • What makes you curious when you listen to a podcast or read?

Once you know what makes you tick, understand why you love it? Is it storytelling, underlying frameworks or technologies, ideas and future potential, etc.?

Realizing why you love what you love makes all the difference in discovering your passion.

Tip: Reach out to your family, friends and professional colleagues to hear their point of view about your skills and interests. Sometimes we miss things and when others give feedback, the moment of revelation kicks in.</b>

Step 3: Identify Your Personality Type

The DISC model is a great self-diagnosis exercise to help you identify your personality type. Consider the following:

  1. Are you Outgoing or Reserved?
  2. Are you Task-oriented (love planning/scheduling) or People-oriented (think about experiences)?

find your personality

  • D: Drivers love to take charge. Scheduling and planning comes naturally to you
  • I: Influencers have the ability to Inspire people with your ideas.
  • S: Emotionally Intelligent people are focussed on people's experiences.
  • C: Calculative people are good at making things work with great quality control.

How to create a stronger group? and build an accelerated set up to help you get there.

Step 4: Transform Passions into Daily Practice

To begin true pursuit of purpose, you must put your strengths and passion into practice.

The reason we forget our passion is because we don't get to practice them.

Think about where in your workplace or personal life can you practice your strengths every week. Invest in it and demonstrate your strengths to the people around you. Please don't wait to be discovered or be found!

Demonstrating your strengths at work

Think about these: Bringing your strengths more into your life

  • What can you organize this week? Help others set their goals?
  • Are you allowing yourself to explore or are you sticking to regular schedule?

Step 5: Living with Resilience and Persistence

Many of us give up when we’re this close to reaching our goal. The ones who make it are those that are persistent, those who re-strategise, pivot, are creative etc.

How to build resilience?
  1. Get yourself a coach/mentor
  2. You need someone who doesn't let you give up on yourself. A person who is open-minded and supportive, and is rooting for your success. Think about who in your life can be your coach and how can you get them to coach or mentor you?
  3. Be part of a community
  4. It helps you stay accountable and builds a positive peer pressure. Remember that it's a marathon. Love yourself through the journey.
  5. Write down your Top 3 Values
  6. Service is at the heart of any purpose. Sometimes you can discover your purpose by seeing people struggle or in pain. The pain you want to alleviate can help you build your purpose and keep you going.

Step 6: Convert Purpose into Paycheck

Do you see money as the end goal? Or, do you see it as evil?

It's actually neither. Money really is just energy. It's the resource that can be used to provide the service you intend to offer in order to fulfill your purpose.

So, set an abundance mindset intention now. Set an intention that you will use it to give to others and help others, once you have made enough to help yourself.

That's all folks!

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