Pinterest Marketing in 2021

Pinterest Marketing in 2021

How to become a Smart Marketer?

Smart marketers go where their target audience already is.

It's highly probable that you will find your target group on Pinterest, which now has over 500+ million users. Pinterest users have doubled in 2020 due to the Pandemic, and will continue to grow in the next few years.

Smart marketers are leveraging the latest Pinterest features to increase traffic and grow revenues. In case you're not sure what Pinterest is all about, I've got you covered.

What is Pinterest Known For?

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that allows users to share visual data and discover new interests. You can only share content in visual forms such as images or videos. When you share or post something on Pinterest it is called a Pin . You can group pins together by category and create your own Board. Boards essentially mimic a real-life pin board.

Since Pinterest is a visual medium, it gives online businesses an opportunity to design visual content to attract and engage potential customers.

Marketing on Pinterest

Why Pinterest?

2020 was an explosion of Pinterest. User base doubled over the last 2 years, as more people looked for an escape from political conversations or world events like Covid 19, and wanted to explore their interests. In particular, Videos and Story Pins have really seen as explosive growth, says Pinterest Expert Kate Ahl from on the Side Hustle Nation Podcast. She mentions that even though Story Pins don't have outbound links, what's working is that they are permanently on the platform.

Read on to find out Kate's suggestions regarding the best strategies for marketing on Pinterest in 2021.

What’s working today for Bloggers & Online Business Owners?

To do right by its shareholders and users, Kate mentioned that Pinterest is pushing for Videos and Shopping Integration in 2021. Another surprisingly hot feature that has emerged are Story Pins. So let's take a look at what's available and working well in pinterest marketing.

Pinterest Video

Pinterest Video views have gone up by 800% in 2020, says Kate. Short-form videos in particular have seemingly done very well.

As a business owner you can use short-form videos to showcase your products in a cool, visual way to attract more customers, whereas, as a blogger, you can create teasers that interest people enough to want to click and go to your website.

Pinterest Video Best Practices

To ensure your pinterest video performs well, you should take Kate’s insights into consider. Below is the format that seems to work best:

  • Title: Open with an intriguing question or catchy phrase that builds curiosity. Eg. Did you know you could make money this way? or 5 ways I excelled as an introvert. The idea is to try and hook viewers in immediately.
    • Hot Tip: Pinterest videos auto-play as users scroll. Therefore, title's that stand out are likely perform well on engagement.
  • Pinterest Video Content: You can tease them in with info videos that are 45 secs or shorter. Info videos consist of words/textual data with animations that are really easy to skim through quickly. To make it engaging, make sure you've come up with ideas that people have never thought of before.
  • Pinterest Video Length: 30 secs to less than a minute
  • Pinterest Video Dimensions: Vertical style (2X3)and square formats both do well. If you're finding it difficult to create vertical style videos, tools like Jumprope allow you to reuse your 16X9 video on the top, along with static image with text on it at the botton of the 2X3 video.
  • Call-To-Action: Pinterest wants to keep users longer on their platform. As a result, they have made it difficult to link out directly from video i.e. when users click on it, it just pauses the video instead of going to a link. Kate suggests adding a call-to-action such as "Click on the link in the video description to learn more" at the end of the video. It can help users navigate the app and follow you if they're interested in your content.

For optimal viewership of your videos, add it to an appropriate pinterest board category and fill in a detailed description for each of your videos. Your board category should be a keyword that you expect users to be searching for. Doing so helps Pinterest recommend relevant content to users who have saved pins that belong to categories similar to your board.

Should you schedule Pinterest Video Uploads?

Kate does not recommend scheduling video uploads currently, because the existing tools have a hard time grabbing the right title screens. Instead she suggests uploading it natively through the platform.

Pinterest Videos that are doing well
  • DIY videos on hobbies such as knitting
  • Decor space
  • Info Products offered such as PDFs
  • Cooking videos
  • Podcast Snippets - Although, you need to indicate for user to turn sound on, since pinterest doesn't default to sound. A good app to help create wave like videos for promoting your podcast is the Headliner App.

Story Pins

In addition to Videos, Pinterest is making a big push towards story pins. Story Pins are a set or group of cards that don’t expire. It’s a great way to increase engagement by taking your blog and converting them into teaser posts.

Why you should create Story Pins?

Kate mentioned that Pinterest’s new ‘Controlled Distribution’ model is basically looking to promote new story pins and videos and is dripping them onto users’ feeds to drive engagement and bring awareness to their newly launched feature. This offers a tremendous growth opportunity for creators as it increases the odds of getting more eyeballs on your pinterest content.

How Story Pins help with Google SEO?

Pinterest no longer allows outbound links on Story Pins. Therefore, adding CTA (call-to-action) card is critical and has surprisingly led to a new user behavior as per Kate.

For instance, you created valuable teaser content such "12 ways to grow your side income". A pinterest user may want to read more details on it. Adding a CTA such as "Check out URL to read more" in the last card of story pin is helping users search on google. This in turn is providing a positive impact on google search rankings.

Pinterest Analytics

Kate mentions that Pinterest Analytics have become a lot more exhaustive over the last year and can be used for insights in multiple ways.

How to use pinterest analytics?

Observing the following metrics can help derive insights on how to use pinterest analytics to grow your traffic:

  • Outbound clicks using which users are moving from pinterest to your site
  • Best perfoming pins in last 30 days - Get an idea of how new pins are working and get ideas on what topics to publish more content and capitalize on
  • If you're into ecommerce and sell things, then look into Conversion Insights tool. Install a Pinterest tag on your website to track your conversion rates with Pinterest's Shopping Integration. However, if you're focussed on ad or affiliate revenue, you can ignore this.

Pinterest Scheduling Tools

Scheduling tools are a great way to not only save time, but also plan out pinning of older content that you've created. Ofcourse you can queue up the new content as and when you create it too.

It's tough to block out time for pinterest posting in your daily calendar. This is where scheduling comes in handy. Some of the best tools as per Kate are as follows:

  • Tailwind
  • Canva Pro
  • Plannerly
  • Later
Kate uses Canva to create her pins and Tailwind to schedule them.

Pinterest for Ecommerce

You can become a "Verified Merchant" on pinterest and get a blue checkmark next to your profile. On becoming a verified merchant, you get the Shop tab where you can upload your entire product catalog.

Pinterest has enabled Shopify integration to make this really easy for merchants. In fact, catalog updates daily to reflect inventory status and pricing. It's a great distribution channel to drive up ecommerce sales.

Pinterest Marketing Summary

How to Grow Pinterest in 2021?

  1. Maintain an Updated Profile
    • Follower count has started to gain value on Pinterest. Make sure your profile information is current with relevant call-to-actions
    • Create Video Profiles with a short 30-45 sec introductory message about your product/services
  2. Create Versatile Pins
    • Build a foundation using static pins
    • Create 4-11 card Story Pins for good engagement. (Use a catchy title card and add a CTA card at the end of each Story Pin)
    • Adopt Video Pins for maximum reach
    • Leverage pinterest's new algorithm - Create more Story and Video pins to get more impressions
  3. Optimize for Pinterest Search
    • Use Trends tool offered by Pinterest to determine trending keywords across different geographical locations
    • Pins look different on desktop and mobile. Take note of how it looks on each medium and tweak accordingly
  4. Image Thumbrules
    • Use images to provide value and to answer people's curiosity. Unlike Instagram, Pinterest users are not interested in personal stories.
    • Add arrows and buttons to highlight CTAs. It tends to increase clicks. For example, if you're tryong to drive someone to get a guide or ebook, add a box with "Click here to get the guide" on your image.

Interested in the full episode? Check out Pinterest Marketing in 2021 episode by The Side Hustle Nation Podcast - here.

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