Why is Content Marketing important?

Why is Content Marketing important?

Shobhit Singhal, Associate Director of Product at Hotstar, shares his views on why Online Indian businesses should focus on content.

He discusses the reasons that led to a growing consumer trend in India and indicates why is content marketing important for growth of Indian online businesses

Below are the key highlights from the episode for you.

If you’re interested, the detailed episode on Shunya One podcast is - linked here

Growing Consumer Trend in India
  1. Jio has brought internet into the hands of Indians, not only in urban areas but also in sub-urban and rural parts of India, leading to an immense growth of consumer engagement for companies like Hotstar and TikTok.
  2. Content consumption, which was earlier a family affair in front of the TV, now began to be consumed individually.
  3. To top it all, free access to internet as well as consumer apps made adoption grow fast and easy.

These events have created a massive opportunity for all online businesses in India, especially the transactional apps in the ecommerce or food-tech sectors such as Flipkart, Amazon, Zomato and Swiggy. Here’s why.

Content for Engagement

Monetization is linearly correlated to time spent on app, and Content plays a key role in increasing engagement on the app. Therefore, a great way for businesses to increase online revenue is to focus on content creation for user growth, retention, and monetization.

Point to Remember

A startup's growth journey of user acquisition, retention and monetization is NOT A sequential process.

This means, founders or product owners must focus on each area simultaneously.

Thumb Rule for Startups in Consumer Internet

  • Grow
  • Retail
  • Monetize

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